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Two Languages

At night in our bedroom
all stories are seemed to be full of comedy-
endurable and enjoyable
related by my wife
in her two common languages
and I use my ears to listen
and eyes to perceive looking at her
yet nothing is there to handicap
our mutual understanding.
Very often I am amazed
at her two contradictory languages
expressing her mysterious longings
as her oral language hides the truth
while her body-language is so simple
to simplify the truth to me.
Though in the bed she adds herself
to my lying body
keeping her face on my chest,
legs on my legs
and delivers her sweet body-language
to pour oil in the fire
yet her lips say in drowsy tune,
’’Let’s sleep early’,
but I am quite smart and prompt to justify
both her languages with love and care.

November 16, 2015